Adam Lieu Kicks off Red Rock Deli’s Exclusive Secret Supper’s

I recently had the pleasure to witness Master Chef winner,chef and TV personality, Adam Liaw, kick off the exclusive dining series taking an intimate group of diners on a journey entitled Fusion Adventure.

Held across five months, Red Rock Deli will host five pop up dining experiences with five secret chefs behind five secret doors, and MasterChef winner, chef and TV personality, Adam Liaw hosted the first event, taking place in a mystery Sydney location on Wednesday 15th May, entitled Fusion Adventure.

Featuring a delicious three course meal inspired by Red Rock Deli’s new Limited-Edition Fusion range of potato chips, which includes Thai Red Chilli and Creamy Coconut and Steak and Chimichurri. Adam Liaw’s Fusion Adventure will be a multi-sensory experience, designed to delight and surprise using Thai Red Chilli and Creamy Coconut as the flavour inspiration behind the menu.

Malaysian born Adam is one of Australia’s most recognisable and much-loved chefs and this partnership with Red Rock Deli will give lucky Sydney-siders the chance to taste a specially curated menu by the Destination Flavour host in a truly one of a kind dining setting.

“When Red Rock Deli approached me with the Secret Suppers concept and asked me to take part, it was an instant yes!” says Liaw.

“Chilli and coconut are two ingredients I’m very familiar with, so creating a menu inspired by this classic pairing is a chance to get really creative and push the boundaries a bit. I don’t want to reveal too much about the big night, but guests can certainly expect the unexpected.”

The event, revealed an impressive line-up of chefs for the remaining four events, which includes a select group of Australia’s hottest chefs.

Joining the Secret Suppers team will be Duncan Welgemoed, Chris Yan, Paul Turner and Giorgio Di Stefano, each designing a bespoke three course menu inspired by Red Rock Deli’s new Limited-Edition Fusion range of potato chips.

Secret Suppers will host one exclusive event per month over the next five months, each of the pop up dining experiences will be curated to provide innovative, new and exciting taste experiences that have never been created before on the Australian food scene. The details of each Secret Supper will be kept a mystery. Starting with a secret alert, guests will be informed of the location before being taken on a curious journey to a unique, hidden venue for an intimate and immersive dining experience for just 20 lucky guests per seating.

Duncan Welgemoed, the founder of South Australia’s hippest restaurant Africola will host Flame Wars, the next event to appear in the Secret Suppers series. Duncan is one of Australia’s most-watched and sought after culinary talents. Having made a name for himself heading up some of Adelaide’s most prestigious food festivals and making his television debut as a challenger on Nine’s MasterChef in 2015, Duncan has become a renowned house hold name in Australia and is sure to make a big impression on the night with a menu inspired by Red Rock Deli’s Flamed Grilled Steak and Chimichurri potato chips, which is very much in keeping with Duncan’s passion for all things grilled and charred to perfection.

Shanghainese chef Chris Yan of Lotus Dining will lead A Night of Spice, and draw upon his love of simple ingredients and bold flavours to create a truly unforgettable dining experience. Having grown up in a village two hours outside of Shanghai, Chris developed a passion for cooking at an early age having been taught the secrets and intricacies of Shanghainese cuisine by his grandparents. Chris’ menu for the event will take inspiration from Red Rock Deli’s Thai Chilli and Coconut Chips, which will give Chris an opportunity to showcase his flair for creating unique dishes with a modern twist.

At the event Duncan Welgemoed said he was excited for a change of scene but wouldn’t hint at the surprise location, “Part of the magic of the Secret Suppers journey is the complete mystery of the whole affair, diners need to discard any preconceptions because what you’ll be experiencing, both plate and setting, will be like nothing offered before.”

The final two events will take place in Melbourne being led by Paul Turner and Giorgio Di Stefano.

Paul Turner, head chef at Lover, will transform Red Rock Deli’s first Melbourne event, Foraged Flavours, into an evening of culinary magic. Cutting his teeth in the Melbourne family run institution Donovans, Paul refined his knack for fine dining at Hamilton Island’s Qualia before returning to Melbourne to bring flare to Culer and Co, Two Wrongs and Lover. Paul courts a respected reputation for his polished cooking and vibrant flavours, and will no doubt inject his passion for sensual fine dining and exquisite flavour combinations into each dish of his sumptuous three-course Foraged Flavours menu.

Giorgio Di Stefano, head chef at Ms. Frankie, which has been touted to be the best new Italian restaurant in Melbourne, will be hosting the final Secret Supper event Elevation of the Senses. Born and raised in Sicily, Giorgio is known for dishes high powered flavour from fresh and traditional ingredients, creating an authenticity that makes you feel you’ve wandered in straight from the cobbled streets of Sicily. Giorgio will be bringing authentic Italian flavours in new and exciting ways to his exclusive dining experience.

For those that missed out on the chance to attend Adam Liaw’s Fusion Adventure, tickets will be going on sale for each event on Concrete Playground’s website each month. Tickets to the next Secret Supper are available here.

Entrants must apply to the ballot and the lucky winners will receive a secret link to buy tickets to the evening on Tuesday, June 11th.

Upcoming Secret Suppers event dates:

Flame Wars – Duncan Welgemoed, Africola – 20th June
A Night of Spice – Chris Yan, Lotus Dining – 25th July
Foraged Flavours – Paul Turner, Lover – 29th August
Elevation of the Senses – Giorgio Di Stefano, Ms. Frankie – 3rd October

Words by Arrnott Olssen Editor.

Photos by Realm Photography.