A Slice Above with SwissClassic

If you’re like me and love cooking a good set of knives is just as important as what wine to have with your meal haha, well maybe it’s slightly more important and thanks to Victorinox I’ll be slicing and dicing like a pro…




With over 100 years of expertise, Victorinox – a definite leading authority in its field – have come to know exactly what consumers want. The SwissClassic Utility Knives are a fine example of how much thought goes into the creation of any Victorinox product.

The iconic, Swiss multi-purpose utility knives from Victorinox are a necessity in every home this winter with a guarantee to tackle and conquer almost any cooking task in the kitchen. The anti-slip handles made of FIBROX or polypropylene is comfortable in the hand and the grip ensures maximum safety, even when wet.

Available in two sizes (12cm and 14cm), the 12cm utility knife comes in two versions, with a serrated edge for traditionalists and a straight cut for gourmet chefs and households. The 14cm utility knife, with a straight blade, is ideal with a comfortable handle for precise control. An extremely strong blade combined with the laser-tested cutting angle guarantees high edge retention and quality performance.

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Sharper than ever, with a timeless design, both light and durable – The SwissClassic Utility Knives are attracting the attention of both professional chefs and consumers alike, helping make light work in kitchens around the globe.

For more information on the SwissClassic Utility Knives from Victorinox, visit www.victorinox.com 

12cm SwissClassic Utility Knife, Serrated Edge, RRP $15.95

12cm SwissClassic Utility Knife, Straight Edge, RRP $15.95

14cm SwissClassic Utility Knife, Straight Edge, RRP $39.95 

By Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme