Pressman’s Cider Head Brewer Andy Mitchell Chats with Us

Australia is a country that loves its ciders and consumes it on the regular, we recently got the opportunity to chat to one of our favourite brands Pressman’s Cider head brewer and get the lowdown on the brand.

Interview with Andy Mitchell, Head Brewer Pressman’s Cider 

Where did the idea for Pressman’s Cider come from?

We wanted to do a Cider that was all Australian and celebrates Australian produce. We’re fortunate enough to be able to source 100% Australian Goulburn Valley apples that are pressed locally. It is important to us that the cider has a clean, crisp finish rather than the “old wine” and “old beer” after taste that often accompany many of the Ciders on the market. Like so many other great local and independent brewers, we are a team of expert brewers who are passionate about developing great tasting cider. We believe we have produced in Pressman’s a Cider that tastes of “fresh apples”.

A Chat with Andy Mitchell Head Brewer, Pressman’s CiderWhat are the origins of Pressman’s Cider and what makes it uniquely Australian?

The origin of the name comes from the person who used to “press” the apples to make Cider. This hard-working Pressman (or woman) would slowly turn the press to create a downward pressure which would squeeze or “press” the juice out of the apples and the pulp. This juice was then used to make cider. By naming the cider “Pressman’s” we pay homage to this traditional way of producing cider.

We started producing Pressman’s Cider in 2014 to introduce a clean, refreshing, thirst quenching answer to the dry Australian Sun, providing an alternative to beer and wine for those wanting to enjoy a drink without wondering if the pub was open.

How is the Pressman’s cider process of pressing the apples unique?

It is not really the “pressing” that is unique today because of the industrial methods of producing juice that are now used today. The unique “secret” is in the way we brew the cider, adding apple juice to sweeten it a little, rather than sugar (which is used by most cider producers). By pressing the apples, we retain more of the natural fruit sugars for a cleaner fermentation eliminating the “old beery” flavours associated with a lot of ciders. We therefore have no added sugar, but rather 100% pure apple juice. This gives us a cider that tastes like fresh apples, with no lingering aftertaste.

What are the best ways to enjoy Pressman’s Cider?

Pressman’s Cider is best enjoyed ice cold, and we have found that pouring over a glass full of ice is the way to do this. At the other end of the scale in really cold weather, “mulled” Pressman’s is uniquely satisfying.

What is the best food to pair with Pressman’s Cider?

Spicy food or salty food go really well with ice cold Pressman’s. However, Pressman’s uniquely Fresh Apple flavour matches with foods from across the spectrum, and we have found it complements both hot and cold desserts by toning down the often-cloying sweetness of a dessert. Pressman’s is also a really good palate cleanser using its low pH to freshen up your mouth after a meal or after a few beers.

Where can we find Pressman’s Cider?

On tap in select venues, in pack in Dan Murphy’s, and local independent bottle shops around Australia.


Words by Arrnott Olssen