5 Reasons Why Turtle Beach is the Best Gaming Headset for You

Gaming has definitely taken it to the next level with new hand sets, and screen monitors popping up every year, but how about sound? Well our friends at Turtle Beach have definitely taken it to another level with their brand new Gaming headset.

1) #1 gaming headset – Turtle Beach were the pioneers behind the very first ever console gaming headset. After launching in 2005, Turtle Beach has continued to lead the industry by designing innovative headsets that take gaming to the next level. 

2) Louder is better! – Featured on the Recon 200, Immerse yourself in powerful amplified audio with Bass Boost for an instant advantage.

3) Superhuman hearing sound setting – Featured on specially equipped Turtle Beach headsets, you can gain the advantage by being able to hear subtle yet game-changing sounds you might otherwise miss. Enemy footsteps, reloading of weapons and enemy vehicles are vital pieces of audio-based intelligence, informing split-second decisions that elevate great gamers above everybody else. When you have a Turtle Beach gaming headset with Superhuman hearing, you not only have phenomenal audio – you have a competitive edge which lets you hear everything, defeat everyone.

4) Glasses friendly – Turtle Beach has created a patented ProSpecs Glasses Relief System which removes pressure on your eyeglasses allowing you to comfortably see and hear the difference. The unique pressure-release technology allows gamers with glasses to create a small, adjustable channel in the ear cushion so they can play for hours in total comfort, without pressure from a headset squeezing those frames.

5) Range to suit all abilities – Whether it’s for the aspiring pro gamers, gamer dads or the young guns, Turtle Beach has an extensive product range of console and PC gaming headsets to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Key products include:

So whatever your preferance Turtle Beach has you covered, and with Christmas just around the corner hey we’re not saying its the perfect gift idea but then again maybe we are.

Words by Arrnott Olssen