5 Questions with Moe Eddine from Concrete Jungle Cafe

Here at Rogue Homme we love a good brunch menu and Concrete Jungle on Kensington St is a definite must visit, we got to ask co-owner Moe Eddine a few questions about this uber cool cafe and their delicious food.

1. Describe Concrete Jungle Cafe in 3 words?

Fresh, delicious and Instagramable.

2. What inspired the name?

Sydney city is a typical concrete Jungle. Standing in Central Park surrounded by tall buildings inspired the name. The logo is represented by a lion (the king of the jungle) in a concrete Jungle it’s the survival of the fittest, it somewhat resembles a real jungle where you eat or be eaten. The mane of the lion in the logo is made up of iconic buildings from major city’s (concrete jungles) around the world.

3. Your menu is absolutely amazing, where does the inspiration for it come from?

The ex Bondi head chef and the owner have collaborated on offering a menu that is both nutritious and colourful with lots of flavours. We have options for vegans, vegetarians, paleo but also offer meat options which makes us accessible to everyone. We want to act as a refuelling station for Sydney siders living in this concrete Jungle.

4. How did you get into the cafe business?

Coming from a construction background I wanted a change, I did a bit of soul searching to find what it is what I like to do. The atmosphere, energy and buzz attracted me in the hospitality industry. I started researching about food and cafes and got inspired to start my own. My first Cafe was Culture Bean in Kogarah and it was an instant hit! Culture bean was known to have the best Açai bowl in Sydney.  I liked the rush I got of starting a new cafe. I decided to sell the cafe and travel for more inspiration and come back to do it all over again ➡️Concrete Jungle was born.

5. Are there any exciting news or projects you have coming up that you can share with us?

There certainly is! We are currently on the hunt for two new locations for Concrete Jungle, one in the East and one in the south of Sydney. We also have just commenced offering catering for events.


See you in the jungle…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme