5 Questions with Daniel Todd, Mr.Porter’s Sports & Performance Buyer

Mr.Porter has certainly become a mainstay of Men’s Fashion not just in Sales but also leading the market when it comes to trends and direction, this has a huge part to do with Mr.Porter’s forward thinking buyers like Daniel Todd. We sat down for a brief chat with Daniel and got a little glimpse into his world.

1. What are some of the new sportswear brands on MR PORTER that you’ve picked up and why?

ROA is a brand focusing on premium hiking boots, but after its collaboration with ALYX and the rise of performance sportswear trend in Streetwear these days. Also Soar Running is another new brand we brought in using cutting-edge fabrics for exception technical quality running gear. Tracksmith is one of my personal favourites that makes performance apparel with retro-uniform styling.

2. What are some of the most popular brands among Australian consumers?

For Australian customers I’d say they are definitely more relaxed in terms of their style. Brands like John Elliot, AMI, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Officine Generale or tailoring brands such as P Johnson are all doing well in Australia for their easier dressing.

3. Why do you think these brands are resonating so well in our region?

Australians living is the personification of an athleisure lifestyle as the customers embrace casual wear and sportswear. The lifestyle transitions fluidly from work to beach and it is also one of the most vibrant countries where sport, outdoors and beachwear is a big part of the everyday life. The fashion is more relaxed, more casual and less formal. That’s why Australia is one of our top markets for athleisure, sports and lifestyle products. And also why we hosted the “Escape with the Porters” event there in late March.

4. What are some of the latest trends in sportswear?

I think we are seeing more vintage inspired sportswear with washed out colors or louder prints. And on the other side we are seeing some of the performance sportswear becoming part of a fashion trend too. Brands like ROA’s hiking boots did a crossover with ALYX while Salomon also becoming a hit trend in the Streetwear crew.

5. What are your Top 5 picks for sportswear / athleisure on MR PORTER and why?

  1. 2XU Reflect Compression Tights
    I do and lot of running and go to the gym and I always find myself wearing a lot of 2XU. It was one of the first brands we bought and I’ve always been really impressed with the product. It’s probably the brand I personally buy the most. 
  2. Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Striped Mesh Tank Top Tracksmith is another brand I have been buying a lot of recently, I like the collegiate feel of the product and it’s a nice alternative to a lot of the technical running apparel on the market. 
  3. Our Legacy Second Cut Denim Jeans
    I have been buying a lot of Our Legacy recently. I must have 5 or 6 pairs of their jeans, I really like their fit and washed. Patagonia is another brand that I have been buying into recently, the fleeces are great and super comfortable. 
  4. Prada Cloudbust Mesh, Rubber and Leather Sneakers
    I’m a big Prada fan and for me they’re one of the best brands for mixing sports inspired product into your everyday wardrobe. 
  5. Salomon Prolog Ripstop and Shell Duffle Bag
    This is my go-to gym bag for its huge capacity and the waterproof coating that seals out moisture. It holds up all my gym gear, sneakers and even separate inner zipped pockets for my personal items. 

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme