5 Questions with Betty Banks for Oscar Wylee

One of Australia’s fastest growing accessory brands and definitely a favourite of ours Oscar Wylee will be donating 100% of all gross profits across its ten retail and online stores, on World Sight Day to it’s Not-for-Profit charity partner, Sight For All. Held today October 12th, this marks the second consecutive year of the partnership signifying Oscar Wylee’s on-going commitment to combating preventable eye diseases. We chatted to Betty Banks MKR finalist and Oscar Wylee ambassador about it.


1. How does Home cooking compare to industry cooking & what it means to cook from the heart

Home cooking is about cooking with tradition as all the recipes I’ve learnt come from my mother, who was taught by her mother etc.  

Even though it’s traditional cooking, it doesn’t limit my creativeness in the kitchen and I like to approach it in a modern way whilst still paying respect to the authentic flavours. 

I don’t ever think home cooking is better than industry cooking or vice verser – I believe techniques are so different in today’s industry kitchen that you can’t compare to the home kitchen! Like comparing apples to orange, totally two different things, however I know that every chef cooks from the heart. I look up to so many industry chefs, inspiration is everywhere!

2. What will you be personally cooking this Summer?

Ahhh Summer cooking is my favourite! I’ll definitely but playing around with cold salads, adding fruit to dishes is what I looooove! I love seafood and my boyfriend is Greek, so plenty of fresh seafood, herbs, & lemons!

3. What does this quote mean to you “What you see is what you eat?

I believe in, “you are what you eat” – you don’t need sight to see what you’re about to eat. We have other senses to navigate our way through to finding the foods we love to eat. I believe in sense of smell and taste. Something’s may look good but doesn’t necessarily taste good, though Instagram is a whole different topic for discussion! 

I believe in nourishment & food for fuel – knowing where our food comes from and how we treat and respect it before it hits the table. 

4. How did experiencing your mother losing her sight influence your personal journey

My mother is what drives my everyday hustle. She’s my inspiration and my world! If she can push through from losing her sight and is still able to cook today, that already is just something I aspire to be. 

5. What makes you resonate with Oscar Wylee and it’s I Care for Eyecare mission + it’s World Sight Day initiative.

I actually wear glasses, I don’t have 20/20 vision so Eyecare is very important to me my mother. We weren’t able to save her sight but if we can help give the gift of sight to others in need, that’s giving them a second chance in life and not go through that struggle. 

Oscar Wylee’s promise and their I Care for Eyecare mission is that every pair of frames you purchase from them, you’ll will be providing someone in need access to affordable eyecare.

They work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible with the support they provide. 

And coincidentally, they’ve partnered with Sight For All, whom I’m also an ambassador for. 

Sight for All is a charity foundation that promises to “create a world where everyone can see” – I started seeing when I started to share my mums story, it was just so empowering and inspirational that I couldn’t hold back to support the charity and Oscar Wylee’s World Sight Day Initiative.


Thanks Oscar Wylee…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme