4 Winter Hair Tips from Hair Expert Sarah Wall

Winter can definitely take its toll on our bodies and wreak havoc on our hair, and for the most part we don’t put to much effort into taking care of our hair. We thought we’d seek out some much needed professional advice form our hair expert Sarah Wall, who’s an award winning hair dresser and teacher and shared her tips for keeping that crowing glory on point this Winter.

4 Winter Hair Tips from Hair Expert Sarah Wall

1.Don’t forget to occasionally condition your hair due to increase in the use of heaters and these can dry your scalp and hair dramatically. 

2. Wash less to keep the natural oils on the scalp during the winter time we need more natural oils to prevent dehydration causing a flakey scalp.  

3. Be careful your shower isn’t too hot as it will dehydrate your skin and hair, this is probably something we are all guilty of especially on the cold winter days.

4. Having a healthy and balanced diet will help with hair growth and scalp looking and feeling healthy, diet is key to a lot of health issues and this is definitely something we need to be aware of. 


Edited by Arrnott Olssen