3 Gadgets to Take Skiing in 2014

f you’ve been inspired by the Winter Olympics and have plans afoot to hit the slopes in 2014, you’ll need to think about some of the gadgets that you should be taking to the piste with you to help ensure you make the most of your ski trip. Gadgets and technology can make skiing more enjoyable and safer and we’ll take a look at some of the best below:


Suunto Ambit Watch


The Suunto Ambit Smartwatch is a clever little beast indeed and it’s no ordinary timepiece. It’s tailored made for adventurous types and is ideally suited to skiing and other outdoor pursuits. The Suunto Ambit offers GPS and heart rate monitoring say it can give up to date statistics and data about your time spent out on the slopes.
Available: Suunto

Nike LunarEndor Boots


f you’re more of a snowboarding persuasion and want some epic boots to light up the slopes then you’ll definitely not go too far wrong with these awesome looking Nike LunarEndor Snowboarding Boots which look like something Marty McFly would be rocking if he was to hit the slopes.
Available: Nike
GP Powerbank Charger
One of the main things that people forget when heading out into the mountains is the chargers for the multitude of devices and gadgets that they likely take with them such as iPhones, cameras, Kindles and what have you but you can cease to worry about that if you stow away one of these awesome GP Powerbank Chargers in your luggage for your ski trip as it is capable of giving juice to more or less any type of gadgetry that you’re going to take with you.
Available: Budget Batteries

By Leo Parker [ UK Correspondent for Rogue Homme ]