28 By Sam Woods a Life Changing Experience

I first heard about the new online fitness program 28 by Sam Wood from a girlfriend of mine. She couldn’t stop raving about how she was actually loving it, and it actually worked – she was working out, eating right and feeling a real sense of support from an online program – amazing.

So when I had the opportunity to interview Sam on one of his recent trips to Sydney, I grabbed it. What I was most curious about was how he’d managed to build such a strong community.
With more then 20,000 Facebook members in their private group and 10,000 who do the programme monthly, he’s created a safe community where everyone encourages and supports each other through their different fitness journeys.
“It’s real, and it’s relatable,” Sam explained, over breakfast at John Smith in Waterloo (he ordered the granola, if anyone was curious).
I think a lot of personal trainers have unrealistic expectations of people.
Our motto is ‘progress, not perfection’. You measure your success by your own benchmarks.
  Our programs are in real time and raw, and we send videos to our members throughout the day. Snezana was doing a workout and my dog started licking her while she was in the middle of it. Or she’ll be making one of the meals and it’s an epic fail. We share our family stuff, and it gives people real insight. I’ve always known as a trainer you’ve got to build proper friendships and proper rapport, and show people that you’re relatable and real.”
So why 28 minutes and 28 days?
“Well 28 minutes is still under that 30 minute mental barrier, so people say to themselves ‘come on that’s less than half an hour’ – it’s less than 4% of your day. The 28 days comes from being a personal trainer for 17 years –  I have a fitness studio called The Woodshed and we always work our clients in four week blocks. It’s not too long that you get disheartened, but long enough to see some progress.”

So if you’re ready to kick-start that new Fit you, don’t have the time to go to a gym then this 28BySamWood.com is for you.


Forget just your fitness –  you could probably hit the reset button on your whole life with this four-week program, with its emphasis on mindfulness and recipes that can be cooked and on your plate in under 28 minutes.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme