Week 1 The Weigh in Results

It is now the second week of my Under 100 kgs goal and working with fellow Ocsober Ambassador Blake Worrall-Thompson, and I thought I’d post my weigh in results from last Monday. I felt it was important to share this with you, not only to show progress but also to be as transparent as possible.

The past six months I have maintained a consistent workout regime, and I am constantly working on making healthy choices with my nutrition. I increased my weights sessions and did less cardio , and in the process began to gain muscle and strength which was fantastic. So the transition was Overweight to weight loss then fitness and muscle building. This new goal will be challenging but my determination and drive has not been lost so I’m excited to see the changes we can make to the list below.

I was nervous and a little scared to get on the scales, this was maybe even a moment id rather not have had to experience. It was most of all a moment of truth,had I being training hard enough? Was I eating right and being truthful? So many questions all down to this weigh in.

Before and after picture 🙂

So here’s the result from my weight in with Blake and a taste of my first week of cardio goals-

Weight- 111.2

bodyfat- 28.8

hydration- 49.7

muscle mass- 75.3

bodyage- 50

bone mass- 3.9

visceral fat- 12

Cardio Goals Week 1

1) 3 x 20 minutes

Week1: 8kph 1 min & 12kph 1 min

Week2: 8kph 1min & 12.3kph 1 min

Week3: 8kph 1 min & 12.6kph 1 min

week 4: 8kph 1 min & 12.9kph 1 min.

It took me a few minutes to absorb it, I was happy with how much I weighed considering I had reduced my cardio and had been concentrating on my weights sessions. From my lowest weigh in at 103 kilograms in December and January to 108 kilograms 8 months later meant I had been training well. My body age shocked me though and even though it may not be an exact science my competitive nature kicked in. I wanted that to read something very different by the time we finished up at the end of October, I wanted my body fat down, body age down and most of all my weight down and muscle mass up.

These next two months working with Blake had just turned into a competition with myself, there was such a mixture of feelings inside me relief, sadness, fear but most of all anticipation to start a new journey again.

I can’t wait to share more with you all, so stay tuned I’ll be posting videos from the fitness test , chat soon.

Rogue Homme
( Arrnott Olssen )