Master Chef’s Gary Mehigan Announced as WW’s First Ambassador

I had the pleasure recently of attending the announcement of WW’s (formerly Weight Watchers) first ever ambassador in Australia and New Zealand, and what a surprise it was to have renowned celebrity chef Gary Mehigan there to personally announce it and launch WW’s new holistic weight loss and wellness program, WW Freestyle.


Gary joins WW with goals to lose 10kgs and feel healthier. With a career focused around cooking, judging and tasting often rich and indulgent foods, Gary acknowledges he has struggled with his weight and the effect it has had on his energy since his mid-30s. He said: “As a busy chef, I developed some unhealthy habits that were hindering me. At 50, I realised I don’t want to feel sluggish anymore – I want to feel like I can take the dogs out for a run or kick a football around in the park.”

Gary joins at the launch of WW’s new holistic weight loss and wellness program, WW Freestyle, which uses the power of science and community to guide members towards eating better, moving more and shifting their mindset.

The new WW Freestyle program now includes innovative features in the areas of fitness, mindset, and community. WW’s successful SmartPoints system remains the same, guiding members to a healthy eating pattern by being more mindful of their choices. Whether they want to lose weight or just get healthier, members have the flexibility of more than 200 ZeroPoint foods that can be eaten without tracking or measuring, and the freedom to enjoy any food on the menu.

Gary said: “I chose WW Freestyle because I can still enjoy my favourite foods like crusty bread and cheese while getting healthier. I’m simply making small, healthy changes to my home recipes to help me reach my goals – like reducing excess oil and fat and building my meals around ZeroPoint foods such as seafood ,skinless chicken breast, and fresh fruits and vegetables.”

New program features include:

  • New FitPoints 2.0 – an evolution of WW’s FitPoints system based on the latest science, which encourages activity choices based on what will have the greatest impact on an individual’s health;
  • A new partnership with Aaptiv, which gives WW members access to audio workouts from within the WW app based on an individual’s fitness goals, such as interval walking or building strength;
  • A new partnership with Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness, which gives members access to Headspace content directly from the WW app that is specifically designed to support WW members. The curated content includes information on meditation basics and techniques with specific meditations to help manage stress, eat mindfully and prepare for sleep – all designed to be short and simple to fit into a busy schedule;
  •  New Connect Groups in the WW app, which will help WW members find and join groups based on their interests, journey, or hobbies – creating a like-minded community of support and encouragement, and a go-to space for helpful tips and advice.

Recognising the power of community at WW, Gary hopes that his WW journey can also inspire others. He continued: “There’s a massive support network at WW which I’m proud and encouraged to be part of. I hope my journey with WW Freestyle shows others, including men like me, that you don’t have to put your life on hold or say no to the food you love in order to get healthier.”

Managing Director of WW Australia and New Zealand, Mathieu Le Renard, said: “Gary is an expert in food and flavour so his support is a powerful stamp of approval for the freedom and flexibility that our WW Freestyle program offers.”

WW Freestyle membership is available digitally through the WW app, in-person via Wellness Workshops or personal coaching in a WW Studio, or over the phone with a Wellness Coach.

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Words by Editor Arrnott Olssen