Thank Mike for Kitchen!

More and more the line between furniture store and eatery has been getting blurred, is this the future or is it just confusing?

At Kitchen By Mike in Alexandria this blurred line comes across as a rather beautiful mix. The layout is funky and spacious with just the right dash of coolness,  and there is a simplicity to the food that has a sense of homeliness but without any loss in flavour and oomph.

So after scoping out all the yummy food on offer, my friends and I hopped into line and awaited our turn to order. There was something a little “School Canteen” about it, which adds to the charm of the place.

Though after visiting a similar size cafe recently, I realised there was a practical side to lining up , ordering, paying and getting your food right there and then. We dug into our food famished from a day of shopping, and I was glad that Kitchen By Mike offered some healthy choices for those of us on a weight loss mission.

Healthy choices for me roast chicken, dutch carrots and cabbage and walnut salad.

Food is served on metal camping plates, which made me very nostalgic and took me back to Church Summer camps when I was a kid. You can either dine inside or outside on the balcony, though dining indoors has the added benefit of being able to watch the chefs prepare and bake the breads and pastries they have to offer.

After our meals and a couple of fantastic coffees, we decided to peruse the furniture side of the store. Stocked up with a wide range of furniture pieces, an impressive kids furniture and handmade toys section, coffee table books, art exhibitions, animal care products and a wide range designer home wares.

Kitchen by Mike also offers a range of organic fresh produce and food stuff, I found a yoghurt made from coconut milk which would be a great alternative for someone like me who is easily affected by dairy. There is a great range of boutique oils, sauces and condiments and spreads.

It’s a store jam-packed with inspiration, interesting gifts, unique furniture and great food. See you there!

Kitchen By Mike

Address: 1/85 Dunning Avenue, Roseberry NSW 2018

Phone: (02)9045 0910
Hrs :- Sun – 8am-5pm
         Mon-Sat – 7am-6pm
Arrnott Olssen