St Jude’s Cafe What A Blessing

What To Eat & Where ?
St Jude’s Cafe
Cnr Bourke & Thurlow Street, Redfern ( Waterloo end of Bourke )
(02) 9310 3523 Hours – Daily 7am-late afternoon

St Jude’s cafe moved into Waterloo/Redfern end of Bourke Street bringing with it a breath of fresh air, great food & coffee, fast and friendly service, and most of all that certain special something that sets it apart. It’s cool without trying to hard but at the same time feels like an old friend.

I love it, there’s such a variety of healthy options that are available, and for someone like me on a weight loss mission it provides the perfect fit. My favourite is the smashed avocado with tomato salsa served with poached eggs.

I change it up every visit and use the smashed avocado as my inspiration and add it to the omelette of the day, or for lunch get a side of the poached chicken filling from the poached chicken sandwich.

Smashed avocado with poached eggs and extra beef sausages for protein
Mixing it up a bit, smashed avocado with poached chicken filling from the very popular poached chicken sandwich.
Another little Rogue Homme mix, the omelette of the day served with smashed avocado.

My friend tried something a little different and ordered poached eggs, with mushrooms and avocado served on toasted sourdough. You have a variety of sides to chose from and you can get creative and make up your own combinations.

Just an example of the great food at St Jude’s

I did try something a little different on one of my lunch time visits, yup unusual for me haha. The quinoa and tofu salad was delicious, it was light, full of flavour and most importantly a healthy option.

If you don’t have time to sit and eat then just grab a take away coffee, they have some fantastic pastries on offer and you can’t go wrong because the coffee is awesome.

In a hurry grab a take away coffee.

Please don’t tell anyone it’s getting harder to get a table on the weekend, it seems the word is spreading so everyone wants to be blessed by St Jude.

Arnott Olssen

Rogue Homme