Ocsober The Journey Begins

What a jam-packed week the first week of Ocsober has been! I’ve made it through five days with only twenty-six to go.

I started the week by picking up some healthy new cooking tips, from the amazing and talented Mel Port of www.miacucina.com.au As you all know it’s not always easy coming up with interesting, delicious and most of all Healthy recipes. So I learnt how to make the yummiest green mango salad with poached ginger chicken. Mel will be sharing her recipe with Rogue Homme readers in then next couple of weeks.

Preparations for the ginger poached chicken and green mango salad – cooking with www.miacucina.com.au
The finished product ginger poached chicken with green mango salad – www.miacucina.com.au

I am so grateful to my friends who have been fantastic and so supportive of my Ocsober and #Under100 campaign, they’ve swapped our wine times for workouts. A good example of this is my catch up’s with a mate of mine Lloyd ( nick name – COMMANDO ) weekly have become all about tackling new exercise adventures.

Tuesday saw us jogging from beautiful Bronte to Coogee and back, with rests every 5 minutes ( his twisted idea of rests lol ) where he had us doing 20 push up’s. I’d never walked Bronte to Coogee before let alone jogged it, it was exhausting, exhilarating and the view was amazing. So get your friends involved in your Health & Fitness goals and swap alcohol like I have for exercise.

Doing push up’s overlooking Clovelly Cliffs
Taking a little breather on our Bronte to Coogee jog with my good mate Lloyd Smith.

Towards the middle of the week I had an exciting meeting with the beautiful and talented Cat Call www.catcallmusic.com . She has offered to record a duet of a song I wrote called “Just Hold On”, which will be released with all proceeds going to www.ruokday.com.

It’s such a fantastic charity and we’re so glad we can help make a difference, using the one thing we both love music and song. So stay tuned as soon as it’s ready for release we’ll let you know.

Music meeting with the very talented Cat Call

My amazing band and I had a fantastic rehearsal, getting stage ready for Spring/Summer gigs and Christmas and New Years eve events. I had to remember to be prepared food wise and take my dinner along with, this is really important especially at the moment with my #Under100 campaign.

Remember guys it’s the little things that make a difference, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment. I almost had a naughty snack because the other guys were, but because I’m always prepared I didn’t get tempted. We were also getting our sets together for our residency with Cissy Strut at the Coogee Bay Hotel on Friday evenings. I’m there from 11-1am so pop in and say hi 🙂 Also I’ll need as much support ensuring I get through my gig without getting tempted to have a drink 🙂

More details about my gigs at www.arrnottolssen.com

Rehearsing with my band 11AD
11AD posters out and about.

Finally I got a nice little surprise from a friend a new pair off Beats Dr Dre Studio head phones, and got a chance to take them for a spin on my early morning cardio session today. Love them thanks Shaun, not only did he help me lose 89 kilograms last year he’s helping me lose more with some good music lol.

Rocking my new pair of Beats by Dr Dre headphones on my morning cardio session at 6am.

I have no doubt there will be challenges, but my friends have been fantastic and my catch up’s and social times involve a walk, workout or a jog. Don’t waste a fantastic opportunity like Ocsober and use it to get Healthy and Fit.

Click on this link below to sponsor me on my Ocsober campaign, and lets support Life Education Australia.


Rogue Homme

Arrnott Olssen