Getting Fit Ain’t Pretty!

I thought I’d share this little video of one of my workout sessions, in the hopes that it might encourage people to get training. I always had a fear that stopped me from getting fit for a very long time, it’s really silly now when I think about it but it was the fear of looking ugly whilst I was working out. I think this stemmed from being self conscious about my size and appearance, and of course all this was because I was big and unfit.

I’ve learned that getting fit isn’t pretty , but the outcome can be. So if this is something that has stopped you in the past from working out, watch this video have a laugh at my expense I know I would and get out there and start getting Healthy & Fit. It’s changed my life and I’ve lost 80 kilograms and I know it’ll change yours, make a change in your life now!

Healthy is the new Black 

Rogue Homme