A Social Time To #UEBoom

So recently I posted about the #Logitech #UEBoom bluetooth speaker, and I’ve been telling everyone I can about it ahha even my hairdresser. As part of the promotion for the UE Boom Speaker, Logitech conducted a social media experiment with the very cool and funny Reggie Watts posing the question, Can Music Start a Party Anywhere? The resulting video is a riot and is sure to put a smile on anyones face.

Not to be left out I decided to take my #UEBoom to one of my club gigs the other night, and I definitely had people wanting to know what it was. I had to share the videos with you all, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Me Singing at one of my gig’s, can you see my #UEBoom in the front of shot? haha Enjoy!

Check it out click > UE BOOM MORE INFO ,  or if you’re a fan already then click on here to find out where you can buy your very own by clicking UE BOOM RETAILERS 

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