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Here at Rogue Homme we make it our business to help the modern-day gentleman in every area of his life, now that includes helping men navigate the precarious balance of the dating world. We source experts with the knowledge to help men find their perfect partner, and Yvonne Allen is one such expert here are some of her thoughts. 


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Are you a man who finds it hard to understand women today? This is not surprising!

In the field of love and romance there are many obstacles and challenges for men when it comes to relating with women today. Over recent decades there has been a dramatic shift in our expectations as men and women when it comes to living together which can cause much confusion and distress about the male ‘role’. According to Yvonne Allen, who is an author, relationships consultant and founder of Yvonne Allen and Associates, appreciating biological gender differences is a major key when it comes to attracting and keeping a partner of the opposite sex. She believes that failure to do so is a major reason why so many relationships do not last – and why so many men and women who’d prefer to share life are on their own.

Until recent decades, the roles of men and women were well defined. It was generally accepted and expected that a man would protect and provide for their loved one, family, tribe and community. Roles based on gender were the norm and it is not surprising that a man’s self-esteem was predominantly based on his ability to be the protector, the provider and ultimately responsible for the welfare of women and children. However, as a result of the women’s movement and the advent of the pill, great strides have since been taken in the western world towards equality of the sexes when it comes to opportunities for women to excel in what was once a man’s domain. While this has come with great and rightful benefits for many women it has also led to difficulties when it comes to finding and keeping a great relationship as is evidenced by the current high rate of divorce and the millions of singles who’d prefer to be partnered.

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Yvonne Allen states “Difficulties between men and women stem from misunderstandings more to do with biological gender differences than their not caring for each other.” As a ‘matchmaker’ since 1976 with a background as a registered psychologist, Yvonne has observed changes in women over the many years. She says that research indicates that it is common today for a woman to pump stress hormones to help her to achieve in her work but this can leave her stressed and distressed. She also observes that women often adopt a ‘male persona’ that may help them to succeed in their career but can come at a real cost to a healthy, intimate relationship as it conceals their warm, sensitive feminine essence. According to Yvonne “While cultivating attributes deemed ‘masculine’ may assist a woman to achieve in the workplace they are not likely to be attractive to a male when it comes to seeing her as a potential partner to share his life.”

Yvonne has been in an unusual position to witness the dramatic changes in expectations when it comes to men and women living together. She observes “When I opened the doors of my consultancy, most people expected to marry in their twenties. At the time divorce was relatively uncommon. These days, the expectation is that over 40 percent of marriages end in divorce in 7 years, and many of those couples who stay partnered will do so unhappily. Surely we need to ask, ‘why is this so?’ and ‘what can be done to improve the odds?”She adds “In today’s world, we only have to look at the online dating sites to realise how things have changed. Millions of men and women of all ages and backgrounds are currently seeking to find a partner yet in Australia it has been predicted that by 2026, 31% of households will be occupied by a person on their own.”

At Yvonne Allen and Associates, Yvonne and her team of highly professional consultants provide a discreet and personal service, one which has assisted thousands of intelligent men and women to partner and to achieve their relationship goals. Yvonne states “With over four decades of experience, we really understand the challenges men are facing to find a fulfilling relationship. The business and professional men who come to us to find that special someone and to enjoy a great relationship appreciate that we do all the background work for them and that they can simply enjoy the outcome. We are different to online dating as we provide a boutique, personal service. We understand that the busy man is time poor and doesn’t want to spend hours trawling on the web looking for love. We also give them insights into understanding how to best handle the woman of today.”

Yvonne believes that recognising the importance of differences in our brains and biochemistry will help to build bridges of understanding between the sexes and assist us to have more joy and fulfilment in our relationships with each other. She is convinced that if men are aware of how gender differences impact on our ways of communicating, of managing stress and of solving problems – and enjoying basic human needs for sex and intimacy – they will be able to overcome many of the major challenges they experience living and loving with women today.

So don’t wait take a leap of faith and maybe you’ll find that special someone , you can find out more on line at www.yvonneallen.com.au.

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