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Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about food, cooking and socialising, matching wine with food and throwing the best dinner nights and parties. Before I knew it life had taken its toll and my weight had become detrimental and out of my control.
In 2009 a discussion with my friend Lachlan Rosengreen in a Surry Hills pub began a journey that like an elevator would involve many ups and downs in a race to regain my health before my lack of it controlled my life. It has been a rocky road to lose weight, a challenge that like life in the modern age is always evolving.
I started 2010 weighing ( excess of 190kg?) Lachlan encouraged me to move more. We began by going for walks (with small breaks along the way), as I gained fitness the intensity increased to small stairs at my local ovals grandstand. I eventually got the confidence to join his small Cardio boxing group sessions and attended them when I could. As I became fitter daily activities became easier, however the weight did not simply just fall off. My confidence around exercise built and I wasn’t so intimidated by it anymore!
In 2011 I lost 89kgs with the help of my good friend and trainer Shaun Button and some intense training he was strict and it was a tough year where I learnt to make sacrifices and changes in my life.
2012 was a challenge but I learnt how to keep the weight off by leading a very healthy and balanced lifestyle. I found a love for exercise that I had never envisaged. I maintained some healthy eating habits along with my more active lifestyle and life was good.
The beginning of 2013 has been very hectic. Over the past 4 months I have been kept very busy with my music and my blog . This has lead to eating out (for convenience) a lot more and not making the time to exercise as much. I slipped back into some of my old habits as life got in the way. Recently, I have begun to feel the difference in my body and see the difference in the mirror.
After trying a few different trainers It was time to shake things up, (which I have learnt is very important part in staying fit). I’m teaming up with Lachlan Rosengreen from XL2 Health & Fitness to get fit for the City to Surf.
-The next challenge for me is to lose around 10-15kgs to get in the best possible shape to run the 14.3km from the City to Bondi Beach.
-The challenge for Lachlan- ‘simple’ to carry whatever weight I’ve lost from May till August from to the beach at Bondi (weights vest).
We’d love to use this challenge to raise funds for a charity rasie awareness for that charity by sharing our story through the media, blog and youtube posts and on twitter, Instagram and Facebook hopefully raise awareness for Life Education.
We’re calling the challenge “A Rocky Road: Arrnott, the Born Again Foodie”
We will be posting weekly updates on progress, exercise routines, healthy meals and tips and tricks. Chatting with other health experts from nutritionists , running experts, and running competitions with prizes all of this to raise awareness and funds for a charity and hopefully get a team of people together.
So come with me on my journey.
Arrnott Olssen
Rogue Homme
Rocky Road The Born Again Foodie