NIVEA MEN | Indulge Your Skin Pt2

As I shared in the first NIVEA men’s post, NIVEA’s new range will revolutionise mens grooming ( basically you’ll look and smell good without too much trouble ) Too achieve this NIVEA had to do some digging…NIVEA MEN did a bit of research and the results might be shocking to some people, but I think most men would agree with it.

  • Three in four (73%) think they have more luck with the ladies when they look good
  • 78% admit to sizing up other guys when they first meet
  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) confess to being jealous of other men who look good
  • Most men have some type of daily grooming routine, which generally includes brushing teeth (97%)
  • Using deodorant (89%)
  • Although some Aussie guys take it to the next level with having a spray tan (63%)
  • Two in five (40%) guys wouldn’t tell their mates about using a simple moisturiser


Aussie guys are feeling so much pressure to look their best that most (74%) are prepared to go to extra grooming lengths to increase their sex appeal. So exactly what are our guys prepared to do to look their best?

  • More than half (51%) would have their teeth whitened;
  • Nearly half would remove their body hair (47%)
  • Or use a moisturiser (42%)
  • Over a quarter (27%) are prepared to have a facial
  • 14% would get their eyebrows waxed and
  • 11% would get a spray tan

To set themselves apart from women’s beauty routines NIVEA MEN has come up with some new terms to describe a MENS grooming routine.

NIVEA MEN has created the Face-care Grooming Code: a no-nonsense guide to man-maintenance so men can feel more comfortable talking about grooming with their mates. Under the new NIVEA MEN Face-care Grooming Code:

  •  It’s not “cleansing” it’s “surface prepping”
  •  It’s not “moisturising” it’s “weather proofing”
  •  It’s not “exfoliating” it’s “skin blasting”
  •  It’s not “applying shaving balm” it’s “rash bashing”
  •  It’s not “applying eye cream” it’s “fine tuning”

So here’s the second lot of our favourite new NIVEA MEN’s products…

For men who want thoroughly clean and smooth skin without tightness, NIVEA MEN Originals Exfoliating Face Scrub is a fresh foaming gel containing Vitamin E, Minerals and Menthol. The fine exfoliating particles deeply cleanse to unblock pores, remove dry and dead skin, while smoothing skin to look clean and healthy.


To feel cleansed and refreshed, use NIVEA MEN Originals Refreshing Face Wash Gel. This effective cleansing gel formula with Vitamin E and menthol removes all dirt and excess oils helping to unclog pores and prevent breakouts. Skin is left refreshed, cleansed and relaxed.



Perfect for men who want immediate relief for dry and tight skin post-shave, NIVEA MEN Originals Replenishing Post Shave Balm is a mild and non-greasy formula created with special moisturisers, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, that soothes and nourishes skin whist providing long-lasting moisture.


Unlocking your full potential everyday starts with looking and feeling good. NIVEA MEN products feel good on your skin, so you feel good in your skin, giving you a daily boost of confidence to get the most out of your day and achieve your goals. Remember, it begins with you!


Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme