Black is the new Black

In most cases, the colour black makes us feel posh, sophisticated and timeless in the way we dress, what we drive, what we see and use.

What makes us stop living with all black interiors, why can’t we live a posh, sophisticated life at home with a timeless look?

While white helps you look beyond your boundaries, black helps you look internally while framing the view to the outside world.

If living with all white or colour is not your thing, explore the relaxed mood of black interiors.


Interiors in Black

Dark interiors create spaces that makes you feel internalised, introspective and uncomplicated, while creating a space that is spot on trend with forecasts.

Here some perfect example of Black residential & commercial interiors and architecture.

Here a 4 examples taking traditional rooms & elements from the neoclassic to Art deco period and applying the black concept broken by the simplicity of white.


Anyone for The HAMPTONS Au Noir?


Design Architecture in Black

A Combination of Gloss and matte black finished frame, add detail to properties that look luxurious and high end.


Wet Spaces in Black

Black elements add a sultry sophisticated mood to any wet space, by using black mat taps available with Phoenix Tap wares Rush Range –

Ausboard Inspire+ Range –


Black surfaces are ideal for bathrooms and outdoor are Peitra Marble Black, or for price conscience use the Alto Nero range porcelain tiles all at


For courtyards/backyard floors and wall cladding use Basalt pavers, the give you a smoked charcoal finish helping reduce the attraction the sun has to black creating heating. Basalt charcoal pavers are available at


By Monnia Dziril

Design Trader Co.