Summer in The City – A Shorts Story Part3

Paisley and print in men’s shirting is back in a big way, and I know for a lot of guys seeing all this print can be very daunting. I would recommend always try the shirt on with a pair of pants or shorts and keep the bottom colour very simple.

Here Jordan tries on a shirt teamed with a shorts, all from Collector Store on Crown Street in Surry Hills.



Flux Paisley S/S Shirt $100 from


St Goliath Grey Shorts $60 from


Style tip if you’re wanting to buy a shirt to go with a pair of pants you own, take it along with you so you can try them on together. This means you wont run the risk of buying a shirt that clashes with your pants.


Paisley is not just for the gentleman trying to channel the era of the Dandy’s .

Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme