Michael Bastian Spring /Summer 2014

I get asked a lot about how relevant to every day dressing mens fashion runway shows are, and sometimes I wonder that myself. Then I watched this Michael Bastian show from a few days ago at New York Fashion week, and it dawned on me it’s to inspire us, push our ideas and thought patterns out of our comfort zones.

The mix of double-breasted blazers with shorts, the use of large prints used with patterns layered on prints. It’s meant ignite our imaginations, take risks, be bold. As I explained to a styling client recently, we’re not meant to just take a whole outfit from a runway show and wear it. No the idea is to take the pieces that suit our body shape, complexion and fit in with the rest of our wardrobe or elevate other pieces in our wardrobe.

So as you watch this be inspired, laugh a little, cringe but just feel something, that’s what these shows are meant to do, make you feel!


The Show Explained

The Looks

Michael Bastian’s ode to the amazing photographer – Bill Cunningham.


Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme