Lucky Shop Thirteen

Tariq Sims showcasing a few pieces from Shop Thirteen.

I discovered on Instagram of all places , thirteen might be known as unlucky number for some people but it was lucky for me when I stumbled upon it. Coming across their Instagram page was a breath of fresh air. How refreshing it was to see someone who wasn’t the average model looking guy, showcasing the latest trends, cuts and colours, and as a stylist myself I was drawn to the way the pieces were put together on the model.

Shop Thirteen doesn’t only stock the latest designs for men, but also stocks a range of men’s skin care products, shoes and accessories. So if like most men who either don’t have the time or just can’t be bothered going shopping then it’s easy to hop on-line and check out what they have to offer.

Founder and buyer/stylist for Shop Thirteen Kelly Holcroft said she saw a gap in the market in both retail and online and that inspired her to start Shop Thirteen. There are about 23 brands from Australia and all around the world, some that may already be well-known to the average male shopper and some that might be totally unknown. Each season there’s a new range to choose from, allowing you to update your wardrobe at a click of a button.

The online store offers an awesome range for the fashionable gent, from Chino’s to jackets, and all in a great range of sizes. I know I’ve got my eye on a pair of very cool, edgy trainers the HTC – Iconic Spike Sneakers hmmm 🙂 Don’t worry once I get my hands on them I’ll be sure to post a picture.

HTC – Iconic Spike Sneakers

Shop Thirteen’s popularity extends to its famous brand ambassadors, well-known NRL players and a former player all model for the online store. Judging from all the great modelling shots they are very proud to be a part of, and I can see why with the fantastic range on offer.

So Rogue Homme readers get shopping, and let us know what you’ve purchase by sending us a picture of your new purchase or purchases and you can be in the running to win a voucher from Shop Thirteen to do more shopping 🙂 So don’t wait get clicking .


Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme