Chin Chin Chinos

The humble chino was for a while labelled with the “fuddy duddy” tag, and relegated to the geeky clothing section until geek became chic. There only seemed to be two colour options – khaki/beige and navy blue – over the past few seasons mens wear designers have begun experimenting with an array of colours that could confuse any male shopper. So I thought I’d post a few recommendations just to help you along, and maybe get you trying some new colours and styles. Thanks to the Collector Store on Crown Street Surry Hills for letting me play around.

Chin Chin Chino's
Colour time…

So first up is a pair of maroon chinos that may seem a bit bright for a lot of guys, but if you pair it with darker colours like a denim shirt and a maybe pair of brown suede shoes you can still be adventurous and comfortable.



This pair is for the less adventurous when it comes to colour but looking for a bit of difference, khaki/beige and may seem a little bland but it has a little twist with an elastic hem on the bottom of the pants. Pop it on and see whether it works with your body shape, the key is to always try them on and get a feel for how they work and feel on your body .


Now here is an alternative for those who prefer a darker colour like a Navy Blue, how about opt for a charcoal grey pair of chinos that can be worn for a number of different occasions both casual and semi-formal.

Last but of course not least is the very familiar beige/khaki chino with a few updates, in a crumple style cotton with a slimmer cut leg. My suggestion will always be to try them on to see how the cut on the leg works, again different body shapes will suit the slimmer cut leg so do try it on.

I hope i’ve given you something to think about when it comes to trying something new. Hopefully armed with all these examples I will see more guys out there spotting some of these new colours. So be a bit adventurous and remember the best accessory is always confidence whatever it is you are wearing!

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