A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

It’s two weeks into my www.ocsober.com.au alcohol fast, and 5 weeks into my #under100 campaign and it’s been challenging. I’ve felt like I’ve been working really hard on my fitness and eating and cooking healthy meals and snacks, yet the scales aren’t moving as much as I would have hoped. I had my fitness test with Blake and I had improved by 50% in all aspects, but still not much movements on the scales.

I feel like i’m hitting my head against a brick wall, and even though it makes me want to give up and throw it all in I know I can’t do that. I have to remind myself of a moment last year with Shaun, I had lost about 70kgs at this stage, so he put a weights vest on me with 30kgs in it and made me carry two – 20kg plates. This of course was to represent the weight I had lost, he then challenged me to walk down and up 3 flights of stairs, my joints couldn’t take the pressure, my body ached, and my legs started to give way as I started back up the stairs. I couldn’t control myself and started to cry and got very emotional, and I remember Shaun saying “remember this moment and every time you feel like you can’t go on push through.”

How I reacted to the weigh in would either set me up for failure or success, so I worked my butt off in my session with Blake. Tuesday I met up with my good friend Lloyd and we tackled those dreaded hill runs with boxing sets in between. Great news came out of that – my fitness had improved to the point where I completed 10 hill runs. A nice little victory after the disappointing weigh in on Monday.

Thinking creatively always helps pick me up and puts a smile on my face. So it was a good distraction meeting up with a fellow creative friend Daniel Courtnall, to chat about a few fun Summer events we’ve being working on. Think boutique outdoor music/dance parties & food and wine tasting with a difference, just a few little things we’ve got in the works.

Admittedly it was a good test meeting him at The Winery on Crown Street for our meeting, large bottle is sparkling water for me please 🙂 Yes Ocsober is very much at the forefront of my mind and its two weeks in and I’m feeling fantastic from not having any alcohol. Stay tuned for the first of our creative events which I’m hoping will be a Men’s Lifestyle Workshop,promoting some of the fantastic businesses in the Surry Hills district.


They say a Change Is As Good as a Holiday, so I booked in for a haircut with the very cool Anthony at Prema Hair on Crown St Surry Hills. Anthony’s amazing, he cuts the right balance between cool & edgy without going over the top. I gave him my thoughts and showed him my inspiration from GQ and away he went. I walked out of the salon feeling on top of the world, and it even made me feel empowered. I had finally gotten over my little slump from the weigh in at the beginning of the week.

I ended my week on a high with a gig at Hotel Chambers in Martin Place with my band 11AD, I was in a great place after my initial disappointment with my weigh in at the beginning of the week. It was a lot easier getting through my gig without being tempted to have a drink, I even thought maybe after Ocsober was over I’d continue to abstain from alcohol. Hmmm let’s not get too carried away haha.Adam Jacob on percussion, performing with me at Hotel Chambers.

Performing with Adam Jacob on percussion.
Singing up a storm at Hotel Chambers.

Check out my week 2 Ocsober video post below.

I’m so gratefull for all your support and messages of encouragement, it makes a difference so thank you.

Well, till next time,

Arrnott Olssen
Rogue Homme