Sydney Mum’s Amazing Community Kindness App, One Another

One Another, a global community kindness platform created by Sydney-based single mum Lisa Hollinshead, reveals its dedicated Health Care Worker section on the platform.  One Another Community, which is available for FREE download from all app stores, encourages community spirit by matching members of their community who want to help, with those who need support, both digitally and at a grassroots level. Australians who are interested in offering help within their community or are in need of support from a friendly neighbour, are being encouraged to join thousands of Aussies already on the platform.

Sydney Mum's Amazing Community Kindness App, One Another

The dedicated Health Care Section aims to support our front line workers who are having to isolate, or are exhausted from extra shifts to support their sick colleagues. Whether it’s picking up groceries, walking a pet, a friendly phone call, donating a yoga/ meditation subscription e or picking up RAT tests, One Another’s dedicated platform matches each call for support with local community volunteers that provide the best fit.

Members can search via One Another’s FREE app for specific requests from members of the local community 

Founder, Lisa Hollinshead said: “Unprecedented times of isolation recently have highlighted how it feels to be vulnerable or helpless, which has opened up a collective consciousness that this is what everyday life is like for some people even at the best of times.  Since launching One Another Community in the app stores in November 2021, I have been in awe of the outpouring of kindness across Australia. Members have been offering their time and services to the community in kindness to help support those who need it most.

“A dedicated Health Care Worker section enables members to reach out to our front line workers directly, and vice versa, so that we can rally around and ensure that they know they’re valued and not alone.”

Whilst born out of a COVID-19 age, One Another has been created to provide continued support within our communities, whenever they need it. Loneliness is an existing epidemic across Australia with 1 in 2 Australians admitting to feeling alone, pre-COVID-19. A sobering statistic, which isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

One Another Community’s app is available in all app stores and encourages community spirit by matching members of communities that need help, with those who want to offer support both digitally and at a grassroots level.

To find out more about One Another and to register simply head to the website.

Words by Arrnott Olssen