Style Individual – Clint & Friend

Name : Clint & a friend

Style : Ragged/Ethnic – Latino/LA

These two very cool friends had a very cool style about them, their mix of styles and personal touches made for great pictures.


Rogue Homme

Clint mixing a bit of his own ragged style as he described it with an ethnic scarf for a bit of flavour.
Clint adds a few interesting accessories to make a simple grey t-shirt and blue jeans more interesting.
A hat and a pair of aviator style Rayban glasses add a a little something different to his look.

Clint had a friend with him but unfortunately I was in such a rush I didn’t get his name,  he had fantastic style.

It was a bit LA/Latino gang mixed with a touch of the 80’s, which was very cool.

Mixing a black jacket with blue denim cut off jacket and a print thrown in just for the fun of it, Nice!
The art of layering – blue denim on black with a printed shirt as a base, of course you cant forget the two pins accessorising the left collar and his haircut adds the finishing touch to the look.