Rogue Homme Profiles-Anthony Robles Hair Stylist.

Name: Anthony Robles

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Company: Prema, Surry Hills

Anthony Robles - Hair Stylist
Anthony Robles – Hair Stylist



What first intrigued you about cutting hair?

I have always wanted to have a creative outlet as a profession, which is why I chose hairdressing. Also the thought of changing a persons appearance, while listening to cool music and chatting with people sounded like a dream job!

When did you first start, and what was it like in the beginning (e.g. hard or enjoyable)?

I started cutting hair about 18 years ago and I trained under a former Australian hairdresser of the year which made my early days pretty intense and strict. However I am grateful for this as it has taught me to appreciate the structure of a successful salon, as well as to be strict with my attitude towards work.

You not only work in the salon you also work on photo shoots, fashion shows etc what are some highlights and moments you most treasure?

I have been involved with fashion week in Sydney and Melbourne and have seen some pretty interesting stuff! I honestly have to say that my most treasured moment was this year at fashion week, seeing how this generation of Hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists are able to work backstage in a professional and concise way. Very far from some of the hissy fits that I have seen in the past.


What keeps you motivated or inspired?

Apart of course from cutting my hair hahaha. Well of course, cutting your hair is definitely one of the highlights of my working week, but apart from that, I am a bit of a nerd and am forever finding digital art and images online that inspire me creatively. Also working with the talented team at Prema always motivates me to keep my standards high.

Do you have any dream client who’s hair our like to cut?

I would love to cut Karen O’s hair from the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I just think that she is the coolest gal ever and never afraid of doing something edgy with her hair, not to mention she’s super hot as well!.

Finally what are the men’s hair style directions for spring/summer 2012-2013?

I think the tailored look will still be present but not as slick and structured as it has been in recent times. Very short on the sides but a little more movement on top. I am a big fan of disconnection in haircuts as well, so I will try to hold onto that for as long as i can..

Anthony at work cutting Fitness and Weight-loss advocate
Shaun B
Anthony at work cutting Fitness and Weight-loss advocate
Shaun B
Anthony at work cutting Fitness and Weight-loss advocate
Shaun B
Anthony Robles photographed at Prema
Crown Street, Surry Hills.