Right on TARGET

When I was at my heaviest it was hard finding clothes that looked decent and that fit me. It was so refreshing when I found Target had started designing funky, cool pieces for the bigger guy’s wardrobe. Thus began my secret relationship with Target.

After my 80 kilogram weight loss I began to slowly build up a new wardrobe , with staple everyday pieces mixed in with statement pieces. I’m a big believer in mixing brands whether it be high-end designer brands, or high street brands, like Target, that are more affordable yet still on trend.

I have put together an outfit below showing a mix of pieces I recently bought from Target with pieces from my own wardrobe that I’d recently purchased. See if you can pick my Target purchases from the pictures below.

Did you pick the TARGET pieces?

Well, if you didn’t, here goes :

Skinny stretch charcoal cord jeans (Piping Hot) = $49 TARGET

Button V Neck Cardigan in Plum = $39 TARGET

Outdoor Vest in Green = $49 TARGET

Leather & suede brogues = Country Road

Green Check Shirt =  Sportscraft

Striped black, red and white socks = Happy socks label ( from Collector Store on Crown St, Surry Hills )

Looking at it from all angles - the TARGET mix
Looking at it from all angles – the TARGET mix

I hope this inspires you to try and shop differently, to think about mixing things in your wardrobe with on-trend pieces and, most of all, to realise that you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.

Rogue Homme