No Sweat NIVEA

No Sweat NIVEA !

Most guys I know complain about sweating, as for me lets not even start down that track, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package recently of NIVEA’s NEW breakthrough Stress Protect anti-perspirant deodorant to try out.

Had someone complained about my sweating? hmmm

nivea retouched 1

Skeptical to the say the least I thought I’d try it out, apparently it minimizes sweat by up to 85% and slightly reduces the formation of body odour.

Well yes please anything that reduces the formation of body odour is good for me, especially as i’m always running around Surry Hills and Sydney looking for possible Street Style candidates or new places and stories to blog about.

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A lot of these sort of products are aimed at the female market and not a lot at the male market, so it’s a nice change that companies are realising these are things that men worry about as well.

Being a man doesn’t mean running around stinking and sweating unless of course it’s your sort of thing 🙂

hmm someone complained about me again? haha

nivea retouched 3

So off to work I go of course not before liberally applying a whole lot of the NIVEA anti-perspirent deodorant.

After trying it out on a hot Sydney day I have to say it actually felt like it made a difference. I had a few meetings and was running around like crazy, it seemed to reduce the amount of sweat build up on my clothes.

More importantly no stinky, woo hoo!

Don’t believe me? Then try it for yourself.

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