Nathan Allen Jones – Rogue Homme Profile

Name: Nathan Allen-Jones AKA Aj

Occupation: Director



Drinks By Design is a full-service event, training, venue management, consulting and loss prevention company located in Sydney, New South Wales. Drinks By Design offers complete event planning & management services, programming & production, entertainment and special event coordination, high quality activities and of course event promotion. Drinks By Design also offers event and venue management consulting services including long-range planning, needs assessments, training, stock control, policy and procedure development and general management assistance.

Currently consulting on Fox Studios first Cocktail/Rum Bar and modern eatery.


How did you get your start with what you do?

I have worked within the hospitality industry now for over 12 years. I fell into the industry by chance, I was actually working for a magazine and a friend of mine was the manager of Homebar down in Cockle Bay. She called me up and asked if I would help out and pick up glasses as she was short staffed for the weekend. I helped out, loved it and have never looked back.

What or who inspires you?

I am inspired on a daily basis and am always looking to find new and innovative ways to better myself and my business. Both my parents have certainly inspired me, they both are extremely hard working and have their own business and have impeccable integrity. I am extremely lucky to have had them as role models. I must also mention my business partner Leeroy Petersen cause if I don’t he will kick my butt hahaha.

What are some highlights of your career?

I have too many to choose from. From mixing drinks for Tom Cruise in the early 2000’s to running huge events all over the country and everything in between. Everyday presents a new challenge for me and highlights are a weekly occurrence.

What keeps you motivated and loving what you do?

To be the best of the best. I don’t like to fail and am constantly striving to keep up the level of service. I have worked hard to get my reputation within the industry and I will do anything to keep it. But most importantly I love to impress and see the smiles on the faces of our clients and their guests. I find it extremely humbling.

What are you dreams and goals?

My dreams are to one day be cashed up enough to travel the world on my private yacht hahaha. But I am not in this for the money. I am just happy to have a successful business, a good reputation and am working towards being able to live comfortably and hopefully being somewhat of a role model for the young and up and coming bartenders and future business owners.


Any favorite Men’s fashion labels?

I am not the most stylish person in the world but I do have a few favorite labels. I do wear a lot of ZARA I haven’t planned it that way I just really like most of their stuff. For button down shirts I absolutely love STONE ROSE located in Miami, Florida. For T-shirts I cant go past COMME DES GARCONS.

Favorite item of clothing or accessory?

Favorite accessory are my watches. I am an avid collector and currently wear a Breitling Navitimer World as my everyday watch. As for clothing it would have to be my collection of Reebok Pumps.

A few words to describe your style?

Easy, Smart and Confident.

Favorite blogs, websites?

and of course Rogue Homme.

Fave drink/cocktail?

Favorite drink is by far Tequila, in small doses it does have stimulant properties. But has the opposite if drunk in excess. It really gets a bad wrap due to not being consumed properly.

Favorite cocktail really depends on my mood, but if I had to choose one it would have to be a Whiskey Old Fashion

What’s your twitter, instagram, facebook or website where people can follow you and be inspired?

Fave phrase, word or quote?

When life gives you lemons, add tequila and salt.

What advice do you have to other people out there who might be starting out?

Follow your heart and live for your dreams. Never turn your back and keep heading forward no matter what hands you are dealt. Always stay positive and never quit. Life can be hard sometimes but you cannot give up.

I was given a piece of advice a few years back by a mentor of mine. It was “Nothing should ever be an issue unless someone could be in danger or it’s not in their budget. I never tell a client NO unless for either of these two reasons” and its something I have instilled into Drinks By Design and credit that statement partly to my success.

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