A Song to benefit R U OK DAY?

What a fantastic week this has been with my training, Ocsober , music and organising with the lovely people at www.ruokday.com.au  for the release of my original song “Just Hold On” with proceeds going to the charity. I’m very excited about that and can’t wait to share it with you once it’s done.

The week began with a bang and another adventurous workout with my good friend Lloyd, this time I ventured across the bridge a little hesitant to see what he had in store for me. As usual Lloyd didn’t disappoint with a jog that took us through what could only be described as forest bush and a whole lot of stairs. The view of beautiful Sydney harbour was absolutely amazing, but it was hard to enjoy  whilst trying to keep up with Lloyd.

A moment to enjoy the view haha, how beautiful is Sydney Harbour.

My week only got better as we organised a meeting with the lovely ladies from RUOK Day, to discuss the release of one of my songs to benefit RUOk. I’m so pleased to officially announce I’ll be recording a song I wrote and sang on Popstars in 2001 as a duet with the lovely www.catcallmusic.com.au. Proceeds from the sale of the track will go straight to the charity and I hope the song will inspire and maybe help anyone that listens it.

Had a little challenge at the opening of Chrinitis at Woolloomaloo, thy were serving one my favourite champagnes Veuve argh. However I abstained and had a lovely glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lime. It won’t be too long before I’ll be ale to treat myself to a wee little glass, or perhaps not – my #under100 challenge is still in full flight. It has actually been refreshing not drinking and I’m feeling fantastic.

I’ve had a fantastic week of fitness training, I’ve improved my sprint times with Blake and I’m doing more interval cardio sessions. My cardio sessions have been transformed after discovering the app map my run, woo hoo definitely motivating me on. It’s really easy to use, simply download the app, key in your height and weight details and click record when you start your walk or jog. The app will give you times and distances during your walk, and at the end of it provide you with stats and calories burnt.

Finally I started the weekend with a fantastic gig on Friday night with my boys Adam and James at The Coogee Bay. Rocked the mic as always haha and had the dance floor pumping. Its been amazing growing musically with my band, but I feel like it’s time to challenge myself musically. I’m very excited I’ve begun working on songs for the release of my first EP’s, my goal is to record two different EP’s one Electronic/Dance-House influenced and the other a a little more Indie/Soul-Rock.

I ended the week with a visit to Father Riley’s Youth Off The Street out in Merrylands with my good friend and Youth mentor Paula Lee. It’s was my second visit and on the first visit I got to chat about music and do some vocal training with a young upcoming singer/songwriter called G. What a massive improvement he’d made in his singing I was so proud, we got a chance to also work with another mentor musician/songwriter (Botanics) Chris and during the session the creative juices were flowing so much we managed to help G write a fantastic song.

It’s moments like these that make working in the music industry and being a mentor so rewarding and fulfilling. I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit and to see how much G’s improved and to see his passion for music grow.

Rogue Homme

Arrnott Olssen