Spice Up Fathers Day With Jägermeister

I recently attended Jägermeister’s launch of their new offering from their range, Jägermeister SPICE the perfect winter drink to warm up the night with friends and is best served neat in a tumbler, or as a shot at room temperature in order to allow the unique flavours to shine through and at Rogue Homme we thought it a great gift suggestion for Fathers Day…



A twist on the original, this new innovation has been crafted by Jägermeister’s master distillers and uniquely combines smooth vanilla and spicy cinnamon, creating a warm, rich and complex taste experience. Crafted and inspired by the iconic Jägermeister recipe of 56 different herbs, blooms, roots and fruits, SPICE boasts a complex taste as a result of sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world, a lengthy maceration process and 380 quality checks during the production process.


Senior Brand Manager of Jägermeister, Michael Bouda says: “We’re really excited to launch SPICE to the Australian market, as it is our first full strength product extension in 79 years. Jägermeister is a brand rich in history, quality and emotional sentiment. The product was developed to help forge strong connections and bonds with mates and Jägermeister SPICE really encapsulates this bonding and continues our story.”

Jägermeister SPICE is lighter in colour than the original and presented in a brown tinted version of the iconic and world renowned Jägermeister bottle – it’s a true remix of the classic.


Jägermeister, the 7th largest premium spirit in the world is proud to introduce Jägermeister SPICE, the first full strength product extensionfrom the Jägermeister brand in 79 years – offering a new take on an iconic blend and would make the perfect Fathers Day gift, so get into your nearest Dan Murphy’s store and get shopping…

By Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme