Running On Waves | My MIZUNO

I was very pleased recently to have the opportunity to be professionally fitted, for a new pair of training shoes the the amazing people at MIZUNO. The experience was invaluable and eye opening, working with The Athletes Foot and a professional  podiatrist.


The Atheletes Foot use a revolutionary technology called FITZI , Fitzi analyses your pressure points and pronation at the same time, making it quicker than ever for your footwear type to be assessed in store. 


The System uses video technology shooting your fleet from behind as you walk along, this is then used to gauge your step pattern and together with pressure point analysis used to determine the right footwear for your feet.

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I finally decided to go with a pair of the Wave Sayonara runners, which weren’t more my feel not as bulky and felt light on my feet. The Wave Sayonara works with a dual function, this dual function is achieved through Mizuno’s neutral wave plate which provides dynamic cushioning through the dispersion of ground reaction forces across a greater surface area. Whilst mild support is achieved through the new outsole/midsole geometric design

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Im excited to see how it’ll feel and whether or not if will affect my training, do pop in to your closest Athletes Foot store and try on a pair of MIZUNO shoes and I’ll keep you in the loop so stay tuned.

Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme