Mr. Porter Launches ‘VIVE LA FRANCE’

Global online leading site Mr. Porter are at it again leading the way with their recent announcement launching  “Vive La France”, an array of exclusive capsule collections inspired by the lifestyle and culture of France.

The “Vive La France” capsules are modern-day interpretations of four distinct thematic segments – Savoir-Faire, Parisian Street, Nouvelle Vague and Bleu de Travail – from a host of 14 French casualwear brands, including AMI, Officine Generale, Hartford, Maison Kitsuné, Holiday Boileau, Arpenteur, J.M. Weston, Lacoste, Armor Lux, Bleu De Chauffe, Husbands, De Bonne Facture, Maison Labiche and Le Mont Saint Michel.

Each brand has created a collection unique to its own idea of iconic French culture, resulting in more than 147 products across clothing, shoes and accessories. Together, they comprise MR PORTER’s homage to a nation famous for its formidable elegance, effortless style, heritage and craftsmanship.

Within the Vive La France collection, MR PORTER will introduce four new brands to site including Paris based Maison Labiche, De Bonne Facture, Husbands and Brittany based Le Mont Saint Michel. These will sit alongside 10 existing French brands currently on offer at MR PORTER.

“Following on from our successful ‘Made In California’ capsule collection in 2017, our natural next step was to focus on another key market for MR PORTER – and it was an easy decision to pay tribute to France. Our casualwear business has grown over the years, and much of this is due to the incredible French brands coming to market. MR PORTER likes to give our global customer truly exclusive product, and working 14 brands – who offer such an array of authentic aesthetics – is the perfect way to do so”.

Mr Toby Bateman, Managing Director, MR PORTER

“Vive La France offers a deeply established set of French brands, from the larger global-driven brands to the small manufacturers focused on hand-craftsmanship, and each brings their own distinct flair and viewpoint to the overall exclusive collection. It’s been an extremely collaborative working process from both the brands and MR PORTER, and we look forward to seeing our customers’ reaction once it launches!”

Ms Fiona Firth, Buying Director, MR PORTER

MR PORTER has launched a “Vive La France” global campaign with dedicated editorial and social content featuring across their weekly online magazine The Journal, our bite-sized style news source The Daily, and the June/July issue of The MR PORTER Post.

Remember style is what you make of it, the great this about this collection is the individual pieces and how versatile they are, mix and match them and make it your own.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme