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We have to say thank you so much for the amazing feedback on our “Its A Date” food posts,  so we thought we’d share another cool little place with you Wok On In.


Wok On Inn

Wok on Inn was created to bring the best of Asian culture – food and smiles to you. Their vibrant restaurants take you on a flavour safari.What we do is authentic, Whether it’s serving you bold, homemade recipes from the hawker stands of Bangkok and Shanghai or creating an edgy, urban street atmosphere within our restaurants.

This passion for authenticity combined with warm, friendly service that is authentic (real) gives you an opportunity to experience 8 Asian cultures without leaving your table. We hope you enjoy the Wok on Inn experience as we keep on making it better every day.

Apart from food they also serve beers, ciders and wine, so if you’re on a date and looking for somewhere casual with great food then Wok On In is for you…


Doing a Little Work whilst waiting for lunch



Seafood Laksa


Thai Fish Cakes



Prawn & Chicken Pad Thai


Singapore Noodles



Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme