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If you haven’t heard about Icon Park and you love food then you’re missing out, I popped down to Stanley Street Darlinghurst to check out the latest offering at Icon Park. The food is outstanding, the coffee is worth the travel and the service is friendly and inviting…


The Layout/Location

Rustic European Canteen style dining. Rustic and Comfortable the space is strong but warm at the same time, Industrial with a hint of Vintage. Located in the heart of Darlinghurst at Stanley Street just off Crown Street.


The Concept

Serving honest, high quality produce for the season from now until late March when IconPark will announce it’s next crowdfunded tenant.  IconPark has collaborated with Executive Chef, Naomi Lowry, formerly Head chef of Biota Dining and Sous chef at Pilu for it’s latest temporary offering. Chef Lowry has created a delicious daily changing menu that champion’s clean, quality produce presented without pretension at a more than fair price.

The philosophy is simple, rustic and vibrantly colorful, and to the point; no white linen is on show or reservations taken. The time from order to plate is fast, this is lunch time after all, whilst sacrificing nothing of the quality. Customers walk on in and peruse the chefs daily offerings, displayed in large hand made ceramics vessels in timber and glass cabinets. This feels like a quaint European instagram food moment, with no stainless steel or Perspex insight. Diners simply choose from one of each days two lovingly prepared protein offerings and add to their selection from the gorgeous vegetable and salad accompaniments. Slow to cook, quick to serve is the philosophy, leaving diners with extra time to enjoy their experience.


The Food

The Concept is rustic, flavour packed food, all based around seasonal offerings and focused on flavour, leaves you feeling warm and satisfied.

The menu changes daily based on availability, quality, seasonality and the Chefs passion. Think dishes like this week’s White Wine Juniper Braised Lamb Shoulder with cumin yogurt, Lemon Mountain Pepper Leaf and Thyme Roast Chicken or Cocoa Salt Crusted Slow Roast Beef. From the earth, vegetable and salad offerings such as salad of Freekah, citrus, pomegrante, baby spinach, poppy seed and labne: Heirloom cumin roasted carrots with Almonds and fetta or Balsamic roast beets, fig, walnut, watercress and bocconcini.



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The IconPark Pop Up offers something different every day of the working week.

To find each days published menu follow @iconpark on instagram, twitter or facebook.

What Is Icon Park

IconPark is the world’s first online crowdfunding platform and real estate fund dedicated to bars and restaurants.

IconPark offers hospitality operators the opportunity to showcase their drinking and dining concepts to consumers so they may develop and refine their ideas before they permanently enter the market. Different to Kickstarter, IconPark is crowdfunding with a kicker – IconPark not only supply the online platform and crowdfunding campaign expertise but also provide the bricks & mortar locations for the concept teams the public choose to support. Season Three applications are open now and IconPark are offering permanent residency at their Stanley Street location.

Leading Australian Internet and hospitality entrepreneurs, Dean McEvoy and Paul Schell, have teamed up to build on the current global $12 billion crowdfunding phenomenon and offer something more. IconPark.com is a new online capital-raising platform that adopts a “forward purchase” model to launch innovative food and beverage projects that drive the value of commercial property. To date Stanley Street Merchants with Matt’s Stone’s sustainable food style and Rupert & Ruby’s, harnessing the best of North America, have enjoyed successful residencies at the East Sydney test location.

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Review by Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme