Every Morsel has its Weight

When I started out on my #under100 journey I made a promise to always be honest and open about not just about the good things but also the let downs.

Over the weekend due to a busy schedule , over taxing myself and a couple of major events ( yup involved lots of eating and drinking ) I didn’t make it a priority to get to the gym and workout. Instead I paid the price when I weighed in with Blake, what I had lost in the first week I gained back. I felt like I had not only let myself down but let Blake down and everybody that was supporting me on this journey.

The beginning of an over-indulgent weekend.

The tomato tart, the good part was the tomatoes unfortunately not the tart bit 🙁

Dessert certainly didn’t help.

Looking back over last week there were a few points that stood out that I wanted to share with you.

1. Working out has to be a part of your every day life, it should be like breathing, eating or getting dressed. I let other things become a priority even though I knew that the weekend had bad a lot of over indulgence in store. I made a rookie mistake, if you’re going to indulge then you have to work it off. You work out could either be before or after, and it’s always important to remember for everything you put in your body there is a consequence.

2. It’s important to eat the right food at the right time, because last week was a crazy week of events and gigs I found myself missing meals and eating late. I learnt last year from Shaun that I needed to fuel my metabolism and that meant eating 6 small meals a day lean proteins, balance of good carbs and loads of vegetables. Instead I was grabbing things here and there on the go and not taking into account how it affected my training. Remember FOOD is around 70-80% and the rest is exercise. You have to eat the right foods at the right time, and this means being prepared having our means ready to take with you.

A healthier meal on Monday night marinated chicken breast with asparagus.

3. My final point is the importance of sleep and rest, I started losing weight last year when I was allowing my body to get proper rest. Our bodies need time to heal and rebuild muscles and regain strength. I lost my voice half way through a major gig on Saturday night and this was a direct impact of not eating right, training and resting. It scared me my voice is my livelihood and I wasn’t looking after it or giving it the respect it deserved.

I can gladly say though that as of Monday (after a little word to myself, haha yes I talk to myself ) I got straight back into training and eating the right foods at the right time. I can not reiterate this enough if you make a mistake and fall off the band wagon, DO NOT GIVE UP. There will be ups and downs it’s a part of the journey, it’s where we learn about our bodies, about ourselves and most of all learn how to avoid the pitfalls and stay focused.

Blake punished me in our workout and all I can say is lesson learnt.

Kettle Bell swings during my session with Blake, that Kettle Bell kept mysteriously getting heavier – Thanks Blake haha.
I can still hear Blake saying keep your form and thrust with your hips to swing the kettle bell haha.

Rogue Homme

Arrnott Olssen