Christmas is all about Love and Giving so what better gift then one that helps those in need, one of our favourite fashion brands CAMILLA re-releasesd the sell out CAMILLA x THE HUNGER PROJECT Charity Scarves just in time for Christmas with profits continuing to fund programmes to end child marriage in India.

Since 2016, Camilla Franks has streamlined her business’ philanthropy efforts with The Hunger Project; an Australian charity that aims to facilitate programs for women and girls living in marginalized areas of India to develop skills and knowledge that empower them to make positive and tangible cultural and structural changes within their communities. By crafting a bespoke small run of one-off collectable scarves using off-cuts from CAMILLA collections gone by, these widely coveted pieces were quick to sell out within days, with all profits reinvested into The Hunger Project run programs.

This small idea with big heart was the foundation to Frank’s launching ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in 2017 which a program facilitated by The Hunger Project that aims educate and train 1,000 young women in Bihar, India around issues affecting their health, freedom and safety, with the ultimate aim of preventing child marriage.

“The women of CAMILLA live, breathe and love far beyond our walls. They are our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, sister’s and friends. They are all of us. After witnessing the mistreatment of women in my second home of India too many times, I was ready for the brand to invest in the power of female education, and this is exactly what the Butterfly Effect is”, says Franks.

Since the inception of the program, in addition to key structured learning environments relating to female health and reproduction, it has also been reported that there has been a prevention of 339 cases of underage child marriage through empowering girls to speak up to protect themselves and enabling them with informative tools of law and human rights.

Franks continues “We chose the name of The Butterfly Effect because we believe education causes a domino effect by those who have been equipped with the power of education to spread their wings of knowledge to others. This is not only true for the girls of the program, but for many of our staff at Head Office who continue to look for ways to help and empower others through education and communication.”

Each of the 150 scarves have been crafted from unused CAMILLA silks from collections as early as SS17 and are in all CAMILLA boutiques Australia wide at a RRP of $149 AUD. 100% of all proceeds will be reinvested into the CAMILLA x THE HUNGER PROJECT program to create a brighter, more colourful future for the girls of Bihar, India and beyond.

100% off all proceeds go to The Hunger Project from CAMILLA.

Happy Shopping & 

Merry Christmas from RH

Words by Arrnott Olssen