At The COAR of COTTON ON Compression Pt1

I was very excited to find out about a new range of Fitness wear that is both technologically advanced and affordable at the same time, and even more surprised to find out that it was part of the new COAR range from COTTON ON

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We tested out the new COAR pieces in a shoot with Australian model Ryan Docking, and then asked the designer Doug Scott a few questions about the new range. Here’s what he had to say about the range, and keep an eye out for Part’s 2 & 3 where we showcase two different looks.


Where did the idea of doing a range of compression athletic range come from?

After an overwhelming response to the launch of COAR in September last year, the compression program seemed the obvious next step to complement the performance range. Available in full-length tights and shorts, the  range has been designed with both the serious athlete and more casual exerciser in mind. The compression technology allows for greater performance during high-intensity training and aids with post-workout recovery.

How did you keep the range looking stylish and still stay technologically advanced?

When designing the COAR range, it is so important that we get the balance right between functionality and fashionability. Everyone wants to look good, however, with any active range, feeling good while you’re wearing it is the priority. This is shown with the fabrics and technology we have chosen, while maintaining the fashion element. The key with COAR is that we have identified the two personas that exists in the male sporting environment, the Performance athlete and the Active guy. The Active range is more fashion in its appearance; for the guy who has an understand of the work life balance. The Performance range is for the serious athlete who trains with a purpose and is goal-driven to be his best. The product is reflective of this, using high tech fabrications, mesh-panel technology, built from engineered fits.


How did you keep the range so affordable? Im wrapped that it is at an affordable price point by the way.

Following the DNA of our parent, Cotton On, we have a commitment to making sure our product is accessible and affordable while remaining high quality. COAR is no exception. As a brand, it was important that COAR followed the same formula as Cotton On’s main line. We also will always listen to our customers because regardless of what we may think or believe, the customer has always told us what works and what doesn’t. It seems they want an amazing product and a great price, so that’s what we’re always trying to deliver.

Are there any other pieces in the works, and if so when can we expect it and what would they be

We are currently working on our summer program for the southern hemisphere and the winter range for our northern hemisphere. Although COAR is still in its infancy stage, it is really exciting being able to work on product that we know the customer loves and then to be able to push the fashion element to appeal to the guy who is wanting something a bit different. Stay tuned, as we are hoping to announce some really exciting additions to the COAR collection soon.

Interview, Styling and Photo’s by Arrnott Olssen [ Editor Rogue Homme ]

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